Warnborough Intensive School of English (WISE) is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English. It specialises in teaching adult learners through one-to-one mentoring so that individual needs are successfully met. WISE welcomes exectives and professionals who have limited time to study and who need a fast-track programme. Also, there is a mini-class option for small group training of no more than 4 learners of the same level. 

WISE offers a two week certificate programme for overseas teachers of English so that they may upgrade their teaching skills, visit schools, bookstores, and places of historical and cultural interest. These programmes are held throughout the year, and have proved very popular.

Special programmes are offered at Easter, Christmas and Summer holidays at the request of agents and institutions, but always for adults.

WISE is based in the historic university city of Canterbury . It is a popular place for overseas students to study with London only 55 minutes away by High Speed train.


High Quality English Teaching at All Levels

WISE English is recognised for the quality of its teaching, its experienced mentors, and its warm and friendly atmosphere. It has a reputation for academic quality and examination successes. If you are seeking a college that will enable you to learn English fast as well as gaining an undertanding of British society, customs and culture then WISE English will meet your needs.

Governments, companies and businesses often send their employees to learn Business English and to develop practical language skills for the modern business world. Whatever your need is, English is the passport to greater things, and the WISE English experience will add lustre to your abilities and career.